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TCM Serious About Transformation: LEVEL 1 “AAA” BEE CONTRIBUTOR

Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd (TCM) has achieved an elevation on its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status to a Level 1 on the amended ICT sector code. TCM’s B-BBEE review this year was conducted in accordance with the recently released amended ICT code, which introduces higher targets and priority elements to the industry.

“TCM has, since the introduction of the Black Economic Empowerment framework, implemented meaningful transformation programs which filter throughout the business operationally.  This holistic approach has been a key success factor for TCM and allowed for a swift adjustment in meeting revised targets as prescribed by the codes, and TCM’s own empowerment goals,” says Monique Harris, TCM Executive Director.

The amended ICT sector charter has introduced indicators which encourage ICT enterprises to undertake certain obligations enabling access to ICT to stimulate the growth and development within South Africa. TCM has remained with the themes of education, enablement and skills generation throughout the various measurement pillars.  The company’s pro-active approach to and prioritization of its transformation strategy has allowed TCM to ready itself for the additional layers which the charter attached to the framework.

“The initiatives implemented by TCM historically have proven to be both progressive and sustainable.  With the publication of the draft charter, TCM had to firstly understand what the changes were and their underlying purpose, secondly identify how the amendments would impact its current and planned efforts.  Lastly, the company decided which initiatives were adding the most value to its operations as an empowering organization; it was these initiatives which were then augmented,” says Monique Harris.

In order to adjust its strategy and continue seeing results, TCM unpacked the ICT codes, and aligned the purpose of the changes to its current programmes.  “The key was taking into account a number of factors:  TCM’s operations -its role within the industry and South African economy, TCM’s stakeholders and the value each contributes and receives, and its current transformation-driving mechanisms –which should be leveraged and how?  Due to the progressive nature of previous empowerment investments, and the clear messaging of the charter, TCM naturally prioritized education, skills and supporting black-owned entities,” Harris continues.

“The ICT charter continues to push industry players to contribute towards enablement and access to technology.  These are addressed throughout all measurement pillars, but more aggressively so through TCM’s skills development, corporate social responsibility and business incubation projects,” Harris explains.  The new charter measures the impact of skills development initiatives by assessing absorption of candidates who have, by facilitation and contribution by the entity managed to complete accredited training programs.  This triggers job creation for black South Africans, which is another new measurable within the framework. “TCM Academy was formed in 2007 and has on average absorbed over 80% of the skills it has generated, despite these being obligation free arrangements.  Its offerings include MICT SETA accredited learnerships and internships, complemented by a number of vendor and industry specific courses,” says Harris.  TCM has been able to feed its own skills requirements through the academy with workplace ready individuals who have relevant knowledge and skills through TCM Academy.  This is a clear display of TCM’s position as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Cognisant of the prevailing fiscal situation and challenges, customers seek cost effective IT solutions which promote their organisational aspirations.  Service levels need to be maintained, and innovation is required, while budgets continue to be reduced. TCM’s solution offerings mix are leveraged to the benefit of our customers, allowing for the cross subsidization on its offerings to provide a cost effective and customized engagement. Further, TCM’s large scale infrastructure deployment capabilities enables customers to tap into TCM’s wealth of experience and extensive technical skill set. TCM’s flexibility and ability to continue to meet customers’ expectations has resulted in TCM being an industry leader, a trusted provider and valuable contributor in the industry.  The organization’s strength lies in its national footprint which ensures that value is provided to stakeholders through various means such as delivering on world-class solutions and service levels.  Having maintained a level 2 contribution over recent years, TCM now affords customers the ability to claim 135% BEE preferential procurement recognition on spend with the industry leader through its level 1 status accomplishment.

“By maintaining focus on the objectives of South Africa’s B-BBEE strategy, and aligning its own efforts to these, in a way which is operationally viable, TCM has excelled in reaching its transformation intentions.  Through its commitment and integrative adoption approach of all empowerment initiatives, TCM continues to contribute to the country’s transformation journey,” Harris concludes.  Being able to accurately identify solid investment initiatives and enforcing meaningful policies, TCM is able to continue to drive its transformation advancements and thus facilitate the creation of an environment conducive to successful delivery of its business objectives and providing sustainable value to its associates.

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