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Data Center Solutions

TCM offers a variety of OEM solutions which can be architected to suit the clients specific needs. We focus on HA, virtualization, backup recovery and license management including all renewals. All centres are equipped with the necessary computer and communications infrastructure and are kept in a constant state of readiness with 24 by 7 availability.


The success of your operations depends, to a large extent, on the robustness of your IT system. A hanging system can wreak havoc with production and deadlines – and every minute wasted costs money. On the other hand, a reliable IT system supports your ability to deliver. TCM will conduct a thorough audit of your business and needs and identify the server that is best suited to act as the engine of your organisation.
Associated brands: IBM Power, Lenovo, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, Huawei
The days of the office bound worker are over – but, with more and more staffers opting to work remotely, data storage (and by extension, data security, access and protection) is a growing imperative for organisations. TCM is able to meet this need with a wide range of solutions, ranging from disc storage systems to tape systems, data de-duplication, storage area networks, storage virtualisation, network-attached storage, encryption, storage management software solutions and storage optimisation. Associated brands: IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, Huawei
Consolidating all your computing infrastructure – from storage to security – in a single system makes it easier to manage all systems and reduces the likelihood of compatibility issues.
Associated brands: Dell EMC, VCE - VBlocks, Nutanix, SimpliVity
The loss of databases and files could prove disastrous for any business. TCM minimises the possibility of this eventuality with a full disaster recovery plan, central to which is hosting virtual files at a secondary site. Your employees can remain confident that they will be able to access their critical data at all times, even if the original files are damaged or lost.
Associated brands: Dell EMC, Veritas, IBM Spectrum Protect, Cibecs, Veeam





What would happen if your organisation’s sensitive information fell into the wrong hands? Employees have a duty to protect confidential client information as well as company secrets, yet the increasing incidence of remote working is a threat to this vital data. Our security offering gives you peace of mind, knowing that your systems cannot be breached.
Associated brands: Symantec, Kaspersky, Help Systems

Data Center Facilities
Entrusting your data to a partner organisation is not a decision to be made lightly. You have to be certain that your data will be secure and protected, yet readily available.
TCM has five data centre facilities, located in Sandton, Midrand, Cape Town, Umhlanga and Port Elizabeth. All are well equipped to ensure timeous disaster recovery and business continuity, and each facility is accessible around the clock. Special features to ensure the safety and security of your data include power cooling, fire suppressive equipment, raised flooring and racking.
Why waste processing power when you can install virtualised networks, servers and storage? Opting for this alternative makes for reduced workloads, while scalability is increased. Virtualisation also improves flexibility, responsiveness and disaster recovery, resulting in an optimal return on your IT investment.
Associated brands: IBM, VMware, Nutanix – Acrpolis, KVM, Microsoft Hyper V, Citrix
High Availability
Your organisation’s output, productivity and effectiveness relies on technology and systems that are able to go the distance. Our high availability systems have been developed around efficient backup networks, so that you can be sure that your data will be available whenever you need it, without work processes being interrupted by a hanging system.
Associated brands: Veeam, Mimix, Double Take, VMware, Dell EMC, IBM
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